Allergies can exacerbate asthma

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We often see an increase in asthma-related respiratory distress during the Spring allergy season. The two most common triggers for an asthma flare are viral upper respiratory infections (URI) and allergies. Be prepared! Call us to schedule an appointment to review your Asthma Action Plan. This might include starting more aggressive allergy treatment, and/or starting a maintenance asthma medication. Click here to learn more about asthma disease process and treatment options.

New MCPS immunization requirements

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Starting this year, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) require both the Meningococcal and Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, acellular Pertussis) vaccines before entering 7th grade. There is added focus on these vaccines given recent cases of meningitis in the community, as well as a Sept 2014 Pertussis outbreak in MCPS. Click here to review the complete vaccine schedule.

New recommendations regarding IUDs

The APP recently issued a policy statement recommending use of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) as first-line options for adolescents who choose not to be abstinent. LARCs include intrauterine devices and subdermal implants. Growing research over the last decade has shown these devices to be safe for use in teens. LARCs provide between 3 and 10 years of contraception and are considerably more effective at preventing pregnancy than oral contraceptive pills. Some forms of LARC are also approved for heavy menstrual bleeding.

If you’d like more information on this topic, see the American Academy of Pediatrics press release.