At Pediatric Care of Rockville (“PCOR”), our philosophy is to create an environment where physicians and parents work in partnership to raise healthy children.

We believe in collaboration, between families and doctors, and amongst our doctors and staff. With just 8 providers and as many nurses, we are a small group that works together to provide the best care possible to each child.

One of the advantages of a group practice is that each provider has a slightly different background and style. You may request to see a particular provider for wellness visits. For sick visits, patients are seen by the first provider available. This gives you an opportunity to meet all of our providers, and over time we get to know all of our patients.

We feel strongly that as pediatricians, we serve as your child's advocate. We treat illness, when it occurs, but take measures to prevent disease whenever possible. Toward this end, we offer anticipatory guidance and administer immunizations during well check-ups. In addition, we periodically collect blood to screen for anemia, lead toxicity, and high cholesterol. Growth and development are analyzed and discussed during all visits. Nutrition education begins with parents and extends to the child as he or she becomes able to choose his or her own foods.

As a school age child approaches adolescence, the changes expected in puberty become important. These anticipated stages of physical development are discussed. Often, the adolescent child is seen alone, although this practice varies with the situation and with the teenager. Points of interest are usually discussed with the parent at the close of the exam.

We look forward to fostering a lifelong relationship with you and your children. Thank you for the privilege of caring for your family!