Well Child Visits

At your child’s well visits, we focus on age-appropriate health issues, nutrition, growth and development. We also use these visits to ensure that your child’s immunizations are current as per AAP and CDC guidelines. These visits can be scheduled up to 3 months in advance. Summertime visits fill up quickly, so schedule them as early as possible.

Our recommended schedule for well child visits:

  • 1-2 days after discharge from the hospital. Please bring all hospital paperwork to your initial visit! It will be scanned into your child’s electronic medical record.
  • 2 weeks. At this appointment we ensure that your baby is feeding and stooling well and has regained birth weight. This is a great visit to review any questions that have arisen after being ‘on your own’ for 2 weeks. We also repeat the newborn metabolic screen.
  • Every 2-3 months during the first 2 ½ years of life. These visits focus on growth and development, to ensure your child has a solid foundation for lifelong health. Through these visits we ensure vaccinations are received on schedule.
  • Annually from 3-21 years. At these visits we address age appropriate health concerns and review your child’s growth charts. We focus on preventative medicine, including nutrition, sleep, safety, immunizations, and screening tests as recommended by the AAP.

Sick Visits

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Acute sick visits are made on the day of service. Our appointment line opens at 8:30am and appointments are scheduled through 4:50pm during the week and through noon on Saturday. If you have questions, or are not sure whether you need to be seen by a physician, ask to speak to our Advice Nurse.

Walk-in Visits

Walk-in hours temporarily cancelled due to COVID-19.

In person walk-in hours are temporarily cancelled. Please call to make a same day appointment. Often these can be done via telehealth if appropriate.

Special Visits

In addition to the above mentioned visits, we also offer the following:

  • Pre-operative screening. Please bring all required paperwork to your visit! This includes the pre-op physical exam paperwork and information about any pre-op laboratory testing required. These appointments can be scheduled in advance and are given 30 minutes, as they require a comprehensive history and physical exam.
  • ADHD check up. Medications prescribed for the treatment of ADHD are controlled substances and have multiple potential side effects such as appetite suppression and high blood pressure. When initially started on a stimulant medication, your child will need a follow up visit within 1 month. Once stable, children to whom we prescribe these medications require an office visit every 3 months. At these visits we assess how well the medication is working, check vital signs and growth charts, and address questions/concerns from patients and parents. These visits help us provide comprehensive and individualized care.
  • “Extended sick” visits. Patients with complex health conditions often require additional time for their follow up visits. As such, we offer ‘extended sick’ visits that are 30 minutes long, made at the discretion of the nurse or physician.
  • Therapy with Licensed Clinical Psychologist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
  • Telemedicine. During this time we are changing many visits to telemedicine. This may include consults, well child checks, and sick visits if appropriate. Ensure that you have access to the patient portal and download the Healow App. Please review the consent form prior to your visit. If you are not on the patient portal you can still have a televisit! You can connect to a Televisit via the Healow app or using your smartphone.